Kobe Bryant Surprises Young Basketball Fan

Thirteen year-old Jordyn Griggs and Kobe Bryant

Last weekend 94 to Score hosted its Turkey Throwdown AAU basketball tournament in California, where players of different levels gathered to compete and showcase their skills.

For one lucky middle school student, the opportunity to play in this tournament became a dream come true when she spotted her idol, retired Los Angeles Laker player and NBA champion, Kobe Bryant in the stands. 

Jordyn Griggs is thirteen year-old, six-foot guard from California, who has been playing basketball since she was five-years-old.

"The day before my game I was selected by Nike to do a training session with Kobe, and while we were training he asked me what team I play for and where I play," Griggs said. "He told me he would come to my game and I didn't think anything of it because I know he's super busy. And then Sunday, he was at my game."

According to Griggs, each participant received a copy of Bryant's book Mamba Mentality, as well as a pair of his signature shoes after the training session.

"He helped me correct my jab step, and told me if I want to be pro I must practice like a pro," she recalled. 

The eighth-grader currently plays for West Coast Premier and will be attending North High School in Riverside, California next year.

"I want to be the number one class of 2023 female basketball player in the country, and go to UConn or UCLA, and then the WNBA," said Griggs.